It was an excellent day…

Hello World!

Today was excellent. So excellent that I decided to start blogging again. Why am I blogging?

-To chronicle cool things that happen to me and around me.

-To find other raw foodists out there.

-To express my creativity. Really.


So, back to my day.

We’re moving to Renton, WA (just outside of Seattle) in a little over two weeks so we packed all morning. It was awesome. We got a lot of it done and in the process found nearly a hundred bucks! We’re going to have a garage sale next weekend to get rid of A LOT of stuff. We’re taking the greyhound from Phoenix, AZ to Seattle, WA. We’re allowed two bags each. We’re selling all that cannot fit into our bags. Should be quite the feat.

After packing for 3 hours with some super helpful friends, my husband and I took a little Sunday afternoon nap. Afterward, we went to coffee (twice) with a very cool friend of ours, Brian. We talked for like 3 hours. It was one of the most refreshing and inspiring talks I’ve ever had. We talked about entrepreneurial things. We talked about psychology, profits, passions, and food. I’m more excited than ever about starting a business.

Oh, yeah. I’m starting a business. All I’ll say is that it involves food, health, and a gaudy dose of awesome.



PS: The reason for the “NannetteRaw,” is that I’m transitioning into a raw food diet. But I’ll go more into that soon. Stay Classy.




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6 responses to “It was an excellent day…

  1. Brian Clemens

    Nannette – so glad I could be a part of your amazing day. A big adventure awaits you and Garrett and I’m glad I’ll be able to peek into the happening of your life through this blog. I’m sad for us Phoenicians, but this experience is going to be amazing. Document it here as it will provide the rich history for you and be sure to always enjoy the process.

    Much love,

    • Brian! I’m so glad you brought up blogging when we went to coffee. It has, already, dramatically improved my life. My mind is much clearer and it’s fun to blog :] Can’t wait to see you on Wednesday evening!

  2. Alyssa Scott

    I’d just like to say…

    I love you.

  3. Wow Nannette – live is a changin’ for ya!! Exciting, huh? Wishing you the best in your relocation to WA – what a change that will be!

    • Thanks, Michele!
      I hope that maybe a food blogging conference or something will bring me to your neck of the woods! Miss your family lots and hope you’re doing well in California.

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