Banana Ice Cream

Hey world!

Now, this might sound crazy, but I’m gonna make ice cream tonight.
I was looking through Ani Phyo‘s Raw Kitchen cookbook and she’s got this stellar recipe for easy ice cream.

6 Frozen Bananas, 1/4 C Agave Nectar, 2 T Water.

The bananas are frozen for 8 hours and then processed in a food processor with the agave and water.

So, I’m gonna try it tonight. Only, I’m going to cut the recipe in half because it’s just my husband and me. We don’t need 4 servings of ice cream. :] Even if it’s wholesome, I just would graze on that ALL DAY. So, yeah. Two servings should be plenty for this first time.

I love bananas more than anyone I know. My awesome friend, Lili, suggested this crazy banana dessert at P.F. Chang’s, and it was delicious. At that moment, I decided that bananas would be on queue for a dessert sometime soon.

So, banana ice cream begins NOW!
Easy enough, right?
I’ll let you know how it goes in the morning.



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