My hiatus is coming to an end [:

So, first off: SORRY!

We moved up to Renton, Wa 2 weeks ago and I thought I would be able to handle all the changes while continuing to blog frequently. I couldn’t. It’s been crazy busy since we arrived. Today, I’m glad to say we’re mostly settled in.

As for the raw food challenge that was supposed to be happening:
I got a lot of emails and such saying that this time of year was literally the worst time to start something as “drastic” as a raw food challenge. And when I was in Phoenix, that didn’t make much sense to me. Now, I’m in Washington and it’s cold. I want hot food. So, I’m beginning to see the point. So, the raw food challenge will commence in January when everyone is ready for new beginnings and health is on the mind.

I missed blogging for sure. I’ve been dreaming and scheming in all my free time, though. So far, we’ve developed a lot of great ideas for business and life in general.

We’re working on business plans, logos, trademarks, compliance codes, market research and the like. We’re developing the business plans to get a clearer view of our directions and eventually to seek out investors. If you know any investors (or are an investor) e-mail me at so I can let you in on the details and the progress of our business plans.

Garrett is currently designing some logos for gigs as they come up but is working on opening his own graphic arts and 3D animation studio. He’s an EXCELLENT artist and has done several logos for small business owners. His portfolio is on its way up. I’ll update you with a link when it’s ready.

I am going to launch a gluten-free, vegan and 90% raw food vending cart, and eventually a store front. I say 90% raw because I will also carry a few baked goods that will be gluten-free and vegan. Things will be organic whenever possible (and logical) and it will be a great time. I’ll probably cruise in Downtown Seattle and Downtown Bellevue. I’m looking to launch in the spring time and have been up to my ears in due diligence and research. The start up costs are minimal in comparison to opening a store front right away so I’m thinking it’s VERY possible.

I’m glad I got that out in the open. For a while, I kept what I was doing a secret for fear that someone would steal my idea. Now, I realize that nothing is really original and that true success comes from being the best, not the first.

I’ll be getting some more recipes up soon.
Hope you guys have been well!



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