New Year- New Nannette.

A good friend of mine, Brian, wrote on his blog about the new year. It got me thinking.

In this new year, I plan on developing myself, my small business and my family with every decision I make. Eliminating foods that bog us down. Eliminating friendships that hinder us instead of inspire us. Eliminating waste in every sense of the word. No more.

Garrett and I are going to progressively work ourselves into new eating habits.
Habits take time to build and we’ve taken a different approach at things this time.

In January, we will remove gluten. Tomorrow night we will either toss or give every item in our house that has gluten in it. Through January, we will work at weaning our bodies off gluten so that we don’t bounce back like we have a million times before. We’ll work on alternatives (I can barely wait!) and ways to creatively enjoy meals without gluten in social settings.
Then we’ll go into February, we’ll remove processed sugars. We will still not have any gluten, but by this point it should be a lot easier.
Progressively, we will be eliminating hazardous foods from our diets.
It’s a new way of doing this. Slow and steady wins the race, though.
I really think that it will stick this way.

I realize a few things about companions:
“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.” Proverbs 13:20
“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Albert Einstein.

The world’s wisest man, King Solomon and Albert Einstein both seem to think that mediocrity and foolish thinking have no association with wise and great spirits. I want to be wise. I want to have a great spirit. I choose to associate with people that will propel me forward instead of holding me back. It makes so much sense. I wonder why it’s taken me so long to figure this out.

I’m also going to work with my business. If you didn’t know, I am launching a *inhale* vegan, gluten-free, organic-when-possible, local-first cupcake and snack stand in Downtown Bellevue, WA. *exhale* I am working furiously at getting this thing going but my official launch date is in May. The phase I’m in right now is raising capital. If you know anyone who would want to invest in a young green entrepreneur, send them my way. I’ve got a business plan that is coming together beautifully. My start-up costs are pretty minimal. Maybe $3,000 after all is said and done. It’s a lot for someone working retail, though. (That’s me)

I’m determined, though.
I am realizing that every step that does not lead forward is ultimately leading me backward- and I just won’t stand for that. In the span of 2011, I will see my business grow from a concept to a concrete building. I am so very excited for my journey.

That’s what I’m up to this coming year.
What’s your adventure?



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4 responses to “New Year- New Nannette.

  1. We will succeed in more ways than one this year love! We can do whatever we set our minds to as long as we’re together, I love you!

  2. Sophia Davis

    I am so stoked for you Netty!!! You are doing incredible things and it is so encouraging to see you pursuing your passion and for all the pieces to gradually fall into place. I love you beautiful lady and miss you!!!

    Happy New Year!!

    • Thanks for your comment, Sophie! I love you too and hope we can cross paths again soon! You are one of the most determined people I know! I’m happy to know you because you’re going to go far. It’s a beautiful journey you’ve taken. 😀

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