Exciting things :D

Hey everybody!

Hope your week has been stellar!
Quite a lot has been going on lately!

Here, I’ll just cut right to the chase. There’s a blogger that I really admire, her name is Lauren. Her blog’s name is Celiac Teen. She is young, ambitious and quite lovely. She is hosting this month’s “Go Ahead Honey, It’s Gluten Free.”
It’s a crazy cool event when any and all bloggers can submit a gluten-free dish to the host, following a certain theme. It’s great fun and I’m excited to participate this time around. The theme she chose is “Follow The Calendar.” Simply meaning, use a food holiday in the month of January and submit a gluten-free version of it.
I really want to tell you what I’m going to submit. But you’ll have to wait until next Wednesday to see it. You’re in for a treat! 😀

Guess what, though? I started journaling and drawing. Yeah. If you know me, you probably don’t have a memory of me drawing ever. That’s because I stunk. But last night, my husband said some very wise words to me:

“Visualize what you want to draw. It doesn’t have to be a complete thought, but just look at something in your mind and draw it. Also, if the first line you draw doesn’t come out exactly how you want it, just go with it. Force it in the right direction or let it lead you.”

Wow. It’s that simple I guess. So here you go :]

Journaling ^_^

And look, I drew a sunflower this morning.


Do you want to know why I started journaling? 1 Word. C h o o k o o l o o n k s.

It’s a beautiful blog post and I would highly recommend you get over there and read it. After you’re done here, of course. She’s quite the photographer, too. I could look at her photos for hours.

One last thing.
I found out that someone else is launching a very similar cart. Only they were doing it with a lot more money. At first I was distraught. I was in tears and about ready to throw in the towel and start again. My thought was this: If I’m not the first person to do this, when I launch, I won’t be revolutionary. Through the help of my husband and a couple of great friends, I realized that competition drives greatness. If I’m not the first, I can certainly still be the best. The best is what starts revolutions. I’m so fortunate for the encouraging folk I have around me. Thank you for helping me keep the dream alive.

What have been some habits that you’ve picked up with the new year? Please share some with me.


PS- Still 100% gluten-free diet going on over here.

PPS- Do you like the new layout for the blog?



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2 responses to “Exciting things :D

  1. Brian Clemens

    Love the new blog layout! Also, WOW!!!! I’ve never been able to draw, not even a stick figure and you could imagine how hard this is when working on bar design (good thing those are just lines). Way to be with sketching….you’ve actually inspired me and I’m going to take some time in the next couple of days to start!

    Competition is a good thing! It will make you work harder and smarter to be the best. You don’t have to be THE pioneer in a new frontier. Rather be the best and hardest working pioneer, your customers will be able to experience the difference!

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