Life is much too short to beat around the bush.

Hello everyone!

Hope you guys haven’t missed me TOO much!
I’ve been rather busy lately working things out with The Crue Cart.

I actually sought out a mentor through a corporation called SCORE. They provide counseling and mentoring to small business owners. The guy I met with, in short, was counseling me in the wrong direction. He said that a cupcake shop wouldn’t survive, and if it did, it wouldn’t last for long. He said I was much too young to start a business. He said that I didn’t have enough money, and unless I was about to borrow, I wouldn’t be able to make it work. He said that I just shouldn’t attempt it, really.

At first, I was really upset.
Like REALLY upset.
This guy had experience in the restaurant industry. He’s been in it for 30 years.
Maybe he was right.

But then, I had a thought.
He isn’t right.
He isn’t right at all.

Apparently, he doesn’t know who I am at all.
I play to win.
I don’t give up.
If there is a will, there is a way.
And there is definitely a will.

Mr. Counselor,
I would like to thank you. What looked like the end of The Crue Cart to you was only a strong foundation being put down. You tried to rain on this parade, but I am water-proof. You did give me some good information. I don’t have enough money. But that’s okay. I may not have a lot of money, but I do have a lot of friends that have at least a little money. And I am gonna get by with a little help from my friends. Your traditional views are out-dated and you can’t put creativity like mine in a box. So, have a nice day. Oh, and dream big.


So, after all the numbers are said and done, I need about $1,800 to open up shop.
Sounds like a lot, but it isn’t.
I have 762 friends on Facebook.
I have 186 followers on Twitter.
So rounding it out, I have over 900 friends who care about me and my dreams.
Each friend donates $3 and we’ve got $1,800 + $900 worth of cupcakes for low-income kids.
That’s the power in numbers.

So, why would someone contribute to The Crue Cart?
-I’ll be serving cupcakes to people who normally can’t have them. IE- Celiacs, Vegans, Diabetics.
-You spend $3 on a cup of coffee every day. Why not help someone out instead?
-Once we hit $1,800, the rest will go to cupcake development for kids in low-income neighborhoods.
-Three dollars is almost nothing to the average American and could make the entire difference in my life, in the lives of Vegans and Celiacs in Seattle, and most importantly children. Children that will learn, through these cupcakes, that nutritious and delicious CAN coexist. Children that will not inherit diabetes, obesity or cancer.
-You will reserve yourself a cupcake. All you have to do is e-mail me at nannette (dot) minley (at) gmail (dot) com asking for your voucher.

How can I give to The Crue Cart?

What can I do if I can’t give? Or how else can I help?
-Send your friends to this blog post.
-Tweet about it.
-Facebook it. (I find that personal messages work better than a status update.)
-Talk about it with anyone you meet that’s a Vegan, a Celiac or diabetic.

Thank you, guys.
I know this seems awfully direct.
Life is much too short to beat around the bush.
I am way too passionate for social justice in food to just sit around and talk about it.
Let’s get to moving.
Let’s change the world.
Because it’s damn well not changing by itself.

Keep it real, guys.


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