About Nannette


Thanks for stopping in to look at my blog! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my thoughts. Here’s a little bit about me.

I’m Nannette Minley.
As of 12/09/09, I’ve been married to a wonderful man, Garrett.
Him and I lived in Tempe, AZ and have recently moved to Renton, WA to pursue our dreams.
My dream: to launch a vegan, gluten-free and raw dessert stand in downtown Bellevue. I want to use all local, seasonal, organic ingredients to make desserts that you’ll never forget. I’ll have some savory snacks on the cart too. I’m looking to launch in May ’11. If you want to help me pursue my dream, you can here. I would earnestly appreciate it.

His dream: to start a visual effect and graphic design studio. He dabbles here, there and everywhere. Personally, I think he’s excellent at corporate branding and pencil sketching robots.

This blog is a way for me to share all the goodness that I come across in my day, to think things out when it comes to business planning and to keep in touch with readers. Your support is incredible. Thank you.

Feel free to take a look around. Comment on a few posts. I’m going to be blogging a lot more in 2011 because I’m finally all settled in.

Thanks again!


3 responses to “About Nannette

  1. I love your idea of starting a gluten free/vegan dessert stand. I am not vegan, but definitely enjoy anything gluten free!

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